1. Can I choose a mix of Silver, Rose Gold and Gold pieces in one box?

No, each box is curated according to the color, so you will not be able to choose a mix. E.g. If you select “Box of 8 in Rose Gold”, all pieces included in the box will be in Rose Gold only.

2. What do the numbers represent?

Each number represents a particular item in a specific color. The numbers are randomized and do not correspond across the colors.

3. Which items are not included?

  • Birthstone, initial and horoscope charms
  • Engravables
  • Rings that are not adjustable

4. What happens if one of the numbers I have selected becomes out of stock after I have made payment?

We will be replacing the item with the subsequent number. E.g. If you have chosen ’50’ in Rose Gold and the item is out of stock, we will be replacing it with ‘51’ in Rose Gold.

5. Are exchanges allowed for the Mystery Box?

Exchanges and returns are not allowed unless the product received is defective.